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you know what's really happening to the global economy in large. welcome back here's a recap of the top stories we're covering today on r t russia foreign ministers labs and nato members for their actions of the conflict torn arab world at a meeting with his press out of park. greece urges the e.u. to hand over its promised bailout after parliament approves indeed spending cuts on a state asset sell off investors that included radical tax increases were passed despite three days of protests. targeted by nato and wanted out the eight
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minutes to seven three with our team colonel gadhafi sonner shares his view on why the libya is a war saif al islam thinks his country is being targeted for its riches but says the people will fight the battle libya unfolding under foreign for. the coming your way r.t. explores the life of soviet scientists are getting so hot off the advance of the hydrogen bomb that was at the same time the soviet union most famous dissidents stayed with us. december one thousand nine hundred eighty six in the u.s.s.r. as an apartment in a city of gold key a phone line is urgently installed at a set time the phone rings the voice of the other and speaks this is gold which of
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please return and continue your patriotic activity. the person these words were dressed to has been merely the past seven years in political exile. he was the man who created the first hydrogen bomb and received a number of the state's top awards but he was also the most widely known soviet dissident constantly hounded by the k.g.b. and oppressed by the party's leadership the man who drew so much attention was under a czar of and his life was full of paradoxes. now known as the city of nizhny novgorod all the key was closed to foreigners in the soviet times because it housed a number of secret defense facilities. urge you to come to your senses mr subtle as a person living among the soviet people you must surely see clearly what goals the
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communist party and our feeble are striving to achieve on behalf of the twenty five thousand employees of our taganrog machine factory thank you to please come to your senses otherwise you shall lose every moral rights to carry the honorable title of a soviet citizen. by larry to town and serve as a retired transit police officer in the mid 1980's his unit was ordered to tail such sort of especially when he was at the station saying. his wife elin a former off to moscow the very cordial group every officer had a specific task to carry out at all costs the overall task was to follow circle of and to ensure that no documents or anything else has passed on to him especially at the railway station and we were to ensure that he doesn't get to speak with any strangers written. during some sort of exile to gorky every facet of his life was closely monitored including his personal correspondence
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hundreds of letters of support as arrived from abroad were intercepted by the k.g.b. although the strangers were always supplied with a notification and then mail had been delivered. via dr south and it has been so long since they have had any use of a well we're very concerned about your health and the health of my eleven or well most anxious to hear from you and would greatly appreciate a response to this letter many people here in united states and in canada supports you and the principles which you stand there because of the k.g.b. made a list of persons to restrict so her a from communicating with certain people the k.g.b. were sure that some of these people were acting under orders of western intelligence services to collect information on the settlers of the distant movement in the soviet union and the involvement of prominent public figures who were with. some sort of how to round the clock surveillance team assigned to
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him local k.g.b. staff took pictures of his daily routine. this was so they could present to western media as for a human rights activist sacral was alive and well. sahar of could feel he was being closely monitored and he understood you would have to live with it for many years. in the house across the street there was a k.g.b. department who watched sacrifice every step additional surveillance was installed in the yard nearby there was a special transmitter the new to the signals of western radio stations. most soviet citizens were initially unaware of sacco's identity he was the so-called secret academic these are some rain shots of the sacco's taking a train ride to the town not smarts on any of the world's maps the nuclear research
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center artisanal sixty this is where sector of worked on his hydrogen bomb in the late one nine hundred forty s. . i worked very hard as a consultant on tossed to be extreme importance to mankind. balance of nuclear especially in the sea a great palace because that is exactly what guarantees that these arms will you have a belief system. this is the footage from a detonation of the hydrogen bomb developed by under a subset of the us a song had managed to beat the united states in developing the terrifying weapon of mass destruction safronov became an academic in his early thirties it's one of the bomb tests resulted in cheek deaths a soldier on site and a little girl in a nearby village is left a strong impression inside her old despite the cost of outcome of the new pointer
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bomb. blast if i could also heard of comparable days through a small policy in the tests on her of the main hero here with and he was allowed to open the evening over so he also proposed the first toast which shocks everyone yorkers he says i'd like to drink all bomb exploding into science but never overtones and cities when you go down you've got a world isn't going to that. at that time several became acquainted with the dissident historian roy if he was the first soviet author to write a book about the true personality of joseph stalin then you will believe infrastructure of himself again as a discovery will find out about the system of terror that was the foundation of our further cooperation is not in writing about politics and self and i bought an underground dissident publication of. intellectual freedom is essential to human society freedom to obtain and distribute information freedom for open minded and
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fearless debate and freedom of pressure by officialdom and prejudices such a trinity of freedom of thought is the only guarantee against people being contaminated by mass myths which in the hands of treacherous hypocrites and demagogues can be transformed into a bloody dictatorship. in the west the essay was an instance excess selling millions of copies to authorities response was sweet to her of was banned from working in her summer sixteen and moved to moscow there the academic attended underground meetings and took part in discussions on controversial issues soon sachar of came under the close eye of the k.g.b. before they were back in those years they often resorted to exhausting the dissidents or broads birdsong or of was to prominence a figure. also knew some state secrets though for no one even considered him going
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abroad as an option. you recall was a well known soviet dissident he first heard sacco's name in the one nine hundred seventy s. while listening to radio broadcasts western radio signals were jammed by the soviet union the dissidents found ways around the static of the it was possible to get rid of the radio jamming with. this navy receiver it was everywhere in the soviet union and with his help we could learn the truth of what was going on in our country and help us find out andrei sakharov stores essays and isn't of it is a huge. distance used to typewrite sacral they covertly posted them on the streets k.g.b. agents warn opponent look out for the best battle against the grassroots movement rage for many years before it. when it fires and way posted them here it was
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good in residential areas and back streets and courtyards our fires are so the truth and sacrifice himself was saying and expose the lives of the soviet press data to publish about him. it will have a good record it will. gradually human rights unconsciously became satirise main occupation to a large extent this helped him overcome the grief caused by the death of his first wife who had succumbed to cancer. a few years later sachar of make guilin a bonnet and a dissident called trial. lawyer is an outstanding woman with a strong character and she had a serious influence over andrei sakharov as you know he was very open and you can feel it is wife's actions did influence his behavior because. in the nineteen
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eighties prominent soviet artists are gay baucher of volunteered to paint sacral sport trait however the work remained unfinished he found the relationship in the center of family so intriguing that he wanted to include yelena born and because of her great influence over husband. as we told the doctor sokoloff i counted seven slaps on i gave him changes every time he didn't like. something and then i started to draw her she was shot even to draw me to and i said of course i will only draw you because you have a tremendous influence over. it i showed him a sketch and she tried to rip it out of my hands and i actually had to run with it to save it from. her as took to heart any attack on his wife the author of the notorious soviet cia versus u.s.s.r. who took the liberty of making an offensive reference to born a jew response from dr sutter of and in public. school summer of
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says first you should apologize to my wife in public and others less refused summer of came up to him and slapped him in the face although not too hard for the left end of the summer of gleefully sent a telegram to his relief i slept him. december nineteenth seventy nine afghanistan. after a special operation to remove the leader of his alarm soviet troops invaded afghanistan the soviet press would later call this whole thing to mention g g several didn't hold back in publicly condemning the action calling its immigration he would not be forgiven for his remarks. earlier drove up to the consequences he preached on her way to work the traffic police cars suddenly got her white well driver which is surprised that the townsend walked to the police after all the
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attacker loads the retentions outcomes and to make law and. they showed a very deep cuts and said that they were from a seal in a district but in fact they were from the g.b. . and the drive returned that they was came to follow the car also from the k.g.b. came to the prosecutor's office when a prosecutor becomes a whole set to make it a crime to the. the words of the constant authorities have decided that she should be exhausted this is record collection. of. the outskirts of gorky in the newly built area should have been keep. andrei sakharov and yelena bonner spent seven years of their lives together and during all that time there every step was monitored by the k.g.b. how many employees were watching several how many concerts of him civilians were shot and what reports were made it's all still
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a secret to this day. touches the so much of a definitely a huge percentage of our audience that it was quagmire and standoff in libya is there a military solution to the call that in libya can a stable democratic and whole libya be creek. twenty years ago the largest country in the world disintegrating to. what had been born which meant that each began a journey. where did it take the. moscow to live in their physical institute and the academy of sciences the employees of the institute who are the only people allowed to visit sacro thin the city of gold key . his colleagues kept in touch with him during the whole seven year exile despite the difficulties such actions could bring them. when andre sucker of was in exile
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we did our best to preserve his office your rule nobody took his place at table sign bearing his name was still hung on the door of the study from the times to the inner side of the door and we separated by the guard at the song where you. know official soviet establishment supposed to enforce the law has taken responsibility for the fact of my deportation it is only up to the courts to establish either someone's innocence or to determine the measure of punishment and a term of imprisonment my case is a glaring unlawfulness. meanwhile in gold key all a secular oath and owners potential contacts were under k.g.b. surveillance. when the academic arrived in the city even the manager of the local pharmacy was specially instructed by the k.g.b. on how to behave should sacro suddenly show up
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a state security officer approached me shoot his id card and instructed me as to how i was to serve sucker of me i was warned the if he happens to ask permission to make a phone call i was to tell him that. in one thousand nine hundred eighty resident andré smear north was just thirteen years old one day he learned there was a local man whose name was only mentioned in response and ray and his friend decided to go and find out who exactly center of wards were it went to the fortune the first thing we saw was a man sitting in a table it turned out to be a policeman wearing civilian clothes. where no idea where injuries to her have lived and his neighbors showed us the way from the elevator. we rushed from the elevators there was on the right where pushed the door they pressed the bell without hesitation. or by woman opened the door seconds later we learned it was
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here in a ball and in the woman she gave us a look of surprise and we all stiff and raced to her of live there she told us to come in and we did. it with us we. while sucker of was busy in his study and re-examine the whole flat he remembers to this day living room with the radio sets of used to listen to western broadcasts and the kitchen with a remarkable table which the academic had managed to repair without nails but what he heard from sucker of amaze the boy much more. serious told us that one of the basic reasons for his exile was his opposition to the war in afghanistan we knew about this war and were aware that lots of organised were being killed when we were leaving we all still for a civilian serve gave me and my friends a fail well postcard each. post card i've kept for thirty years now written in briefly to andrey from and wring your alders that k.g.b.
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can take it away from us because. an old two story mansion in the center of gorky was the only place where andrei sakharov and yelena bonner could pay friendly calls the family of maria hein of sky elin his relatives lived in the building the high notes the family had a similar story they were also in exile to go to keep by the soviet authorities forty years before those events. since the one nine hundred eighty s. k.g.b. officers over the around the yard peering through the window to monitor several visits there were times when the academics cease to believe there would ever be an end to his constant harassment is not and they even found a place in the oracular where they wanted to be buried there is neither of them hope to get out of this town of exile. the tension was extreme.
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jury is gorky exile sucker of went on hunger strike three times for the first joined by c.n.n. and on the. local doctors received an order to hospitalize sucker of. the incident was put on record by the k.g.b. . today said ward is still a local place of interest for the doctors don't like to comment on those events. therefore speed in involved quite rough methods as andreessen proof later recalled they fastened his arms and legs to the band plays the clip on his nose for an nutritious mixture into his mouth whenever he took a breath. in one thousand nine hundred eighty three separate of managed to leak to the west a new work to be published there in response the soviet leadership started afresh
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bound to vogue and persecution one of the central u.s.s.r. newspapers published an article composed by four soviet academics who choose to sack off of instigating. against the soviet union mr sattar of if once you had the right to be cold or calm around when the working class can no longer call you so the soviet workmen deplore your miserable attempts to tarnish the soviet reality and can jam your outspoken treachery. these abusive letters are actually very diverse but they have a similar structure all divided into paragraphs the analysis of their contents reveals that it was a stage they picked people from various ends of the soviet union and told them right sucker of the right this and mention this and that.
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meanwhile support for the exiled academic was growing in the west the square in front of the soviet embassy in washington saw so many demonstrations and was named sackler of plaza haven't heard. from her. as a new yorker decided to follow. good steps or worse in print and renamed the street next to russian. united nations mission very mission is a good middle part of a war that was renamed sucker of warner corner. is the world it communist party has chosen mikhail gorbachev as his general secretary. in nineteen ninety five gorbachev started his policy of perestroika to bring down the iron curtain soon after supper of receive that famous call from gold itself he told him his seven year exile was over the silliest when the abnormality of the situation became clear
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everyone went on to discuss it i said so let's let's face the issue. i think we should get suckered back let him come back from exile and get to work because even at that time glasnost was already underway in a country where it than a week off the gorbachev phone calls sattar of return to moscow and was met by dozens of journalists sattar of had no idea what was in store for them he abstained from giving any political statements in the first place he visited was a martyr the limited physical institute he went there to attend the scientific seminar but unlike seven years before he was not detained by the k.g.b. on his way led to versus was in there are we germans do the seminar as usual are going to stretch it was a seminar very much like the one that is being held here right now and then the seminar started and then came supper of intend to enter the whole noiselessly in
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order not to interrupt the seminal not to draw everyone's attention to himself something incredible happens they spotted him and burst into applause or stood up with your. soon setter of was elected to the supreme council as a delegate from the academy of sciences was in june one thousand nine hundred nine sacro found himself at the center of a scandal that flared up in the first days of the session he had condemned the situation concerning a soviet troops in afghanistan it is not at all the war in afghanistan as a crime. by the great wrong in itself. we have to stop play i should be held responsible for this great troy country. these statements were just offensive and the offices who had foreseen that were themselves one of satirist main opponents his name just said a gay child of an
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a peacekeeper a former paratrooper who lost both his legs in the war he didn't look at it we're very shocked by the provocative behavior of this famous scientist thanks. today surrogate lives in kiev and is head of the ukrainian war veterans group he still believes that secor of was to go a vote in trusting people who provided him with information including that on the situation in afghanistan. generally speaking apart from being a great physicist group the sufferer of was a very sincere and naive person he was easily deceived and believed everything he heard he was. counting his statements in a harsh manner i think he was simply to see for the people who surrounded in those which was a political course of the young surrogates pressed
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a populist standpoint among soviets in relation to the conflict in afghanistan those who supported secularist point of view were an absolute minority in the session for the debate so broadcast live across the country allowing the public to decide as a result sacral started to receive letters once again just like in the old days this time however alexis had a much different tone to those that previously filled his mailbox during his dorky exile. dear dr sucker oh please accept my deepest apologies for the so called publisher millionaires and i can't keep silent anymore after watching the session of the congress of people's deputies on t.v. did i realize how desperately we need you. on december fourteenth one thousand nine hundred eighty nine during a session of the congress center of gave an interview to kazakhs television the questions concerned the future of the senate
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a lot since guest sides in kazakstan it was a place when you clear weapons had been designated for decades sachar of demanded that the site be closed because the people who lived in this vicinity were paying too high a price for those nuclear tests. yeah i hope that mankind's will terminate at the critical periods of history when we competed in inventing weapons of mass destruction. as a kind of examination and condescend to say that as a test of the ability to survive that's hopeless wish it. it was his last interview a few hours later satirise heart failed his friends even told him the previous day would deeply shocked. they had no warning signs. thousands of people came to bid farewell to the academic sachar of. in his final
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year sachar of was drafting a new constitution for the country. but died before it was finished and. many of those who had read sachar also early articles and his political supporters had lost their chance of meeting him in person. while at the high standards of goods and devotion to the cause of the people suffer of the set still needs to be fully in a store. and that there were i'm sure the role is played in the liberation of russia from doctrines. who were just three appreciators of british or british at the foot of the.
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